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Gerenciamento sustentvel de aterros sanitrios - 27/10/08

Publicado em 17 de novembro de 2008

Edward Kavazanjian Jnior -Arizona State University - Arizona , USAThere are a variety of practices that can be used to enhance the sustainability of municipal solid waste landfilling by increasing landfill capacity, enhancing waste-to-energy production, and facilitating beneficial post-closure reuse of the site through enhanced waste stabilization. These practices include both operational practices and advanced technological solutions. Operational practices include waste minimization and diversion of waste materials that can be reused or recycled in order to increase the life of existing landfills, mechanical preprocessing or waste to increase capacity and enhance waste stabilization, enhanced waste compaction and the use of alternative daily covers to increase capacity, and various non-structural measures to facilitate post-closure development. Technological options include mechanical and biological preprocessing to increase landfill capacity and enhance waste stabilization and energy production, landfill gas-to-energy technologies including electricity generation and cryofuel production, the addition of supplemental liquids to increase landfill capacity and enhance waste stabilization and energy production, aerobic stabilization to mitigate potential environmental impacts and enhance waste stabilization at closed sites, and various engineering measures to facilitate post-closure development of landfill sites. Application of these operational and technological practices requires a thorough understanding of institutional and technical constraints to minimize the potential for unanticipated adverse impacts.

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